IBC Africa


International Bible Conference, in tandem with IFCA churches, has been active planting churches and training native pastors for the better part of the decade.  The first pastor conference took place in 2004 with 350 pastors attending.  The Uganda 2010 pastor conference saw over 8,000 pastors attending, and the teaching emphasized "family," from Ephesians 5.  Hundreds professed faith in Christ and thousands were encouraged and strengthened by sound doctrine and expository preaching.  Over 8,000 copies of the MacArthur Study Bible were distributed and received with indescribable joy and commitment.  Also, these native pastors received Changed Into His Image from BJU Press and The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross by Dr. Nabeel Jabbour.  These books will greatly challenge the church in East Africa to understand and teach Biblical sanctification and to challenge them to understand and reach Muslims with the gospel of Christ.

IBC is anticipating and fundraising for 20,000 pastors to attend the  2011 Uganda Pastors Conference. 


International Bible Conference hosted its first Bible conference in Liberia December 10-12, 2010.  IBC partnered with Evangelical Christian Union of Liberia (ECUL) and Director of Education, Thomas Shelwah.  Pastors Lance Gentry and Jeff Anderson taught verse by verse through Colossians.  Dr. Tony Weedor of CenterPoint, a Liberian by nationality, conducted sessions on Folk Islam. 

  The Liberian Church – devastated by civil
war, is rebuilding on the Solid Rock

Liberian churches and pastors – devastated by 14 years of civil war – are eager to rebuild families, churches, and their nation on the Solid Rock of the Word of God and are hungry for expository preaching.  1,200 pastors attended the 2010 conference.


International Bible Conference hosted its first conference in Kenya, April 7-9, 2011.  Jeff Anderson, Les Heinze, and Eric Cartier were the featured speakers.  The conference saw 5,000 pastors attend from all over Kenya. Pastor Samson Akhaya of Kasule Community Bible Church is our primary point of contact and organizer.  Additionally, IBC taught 1,000 pastors in Eldoret, April 11-12, 2011 with Pastor Elyves Situma of Grace Life Ministries.